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Life and leadership at the nexus of lean and zen.

The Simple Leader

The Simple Leader Lean manufacturing principles, also known as the Toyota Production System, are very effective at streamlining and reducing waste in organizations. Zen concepts can help create a calm, peaceful, and focused personal life. Over the last three decades I have discovered the power of lean and Zen, and have found how the concepts are remarkably complementary to one another.
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Reflecting on the Intentional Routine

My post a couple weeks ago on Gratitude, for Gratitude, generated a large number of responses.  Interestingly, most were private, commenting on both the nature of gratitude but especially on my daily routine.  I had detailed my regular set of activities in the morning, including meditation and the setting of three key priorities, and in the evening of reflecting on my performance with those priorities.  Many folks mentioned that they …
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Gratitude, for Gratitude

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for learning the power of being thankful.  More than ever I am convinced it is the most powerful personal and professional leadership habit. For years I have had an increasingly refined and meaningful daily routine.  Each morning I begin the day with the following: Twenty minutes of meditation in classic Zen style using the counting of breaths to slow the mind and become truly aware …
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