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Life and leadership at the nexus of lean and zen.

The Simple Leader

The Simple Leader Lean manufacturing principles, also known as the Toyota Production System, are very effective at streamlining and reducing waste in organizations. Zen concepts can help create a calm, peaceful, and focused personal life. Over the last three decades I have discovered the power of lean and Zen, and have found how the concepts are remarkably complementary to one another.
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On Asiana, Driverless Cars, and Factories

I’ve always been interested in technology – its use, advantages, and disadvantages.  Regular readers know that I often advocate for manual solutions first, such as whiteboards to run factories and a handwritten notebook for notes. Some believe that I’m against technology, but nothing could be further from the truth.  I’m more like the guy that stands in line at the Apple Store to spend money on the latest iPhone that is …
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Big Data, Small Data

I’ve been following the panting exuberance of big data apostles for the past few years, rolling my eyes at most of it. Sure, it can be interesting, but maybe my age showing when I say “so what?” to most of it. What finally pushed me over the edge enough to comment on it was a tweet I saw from none other than our friends at SAP, saying (I’m paraphrasing) “you …
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