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Carnival of Lean Leadership #2

This is post number 100 for the Evolving Excellence blog, and it is therefore appropriate that we celebrate blogs themselves by creating the second Carnival of Lean Leadership.  Here's a link to the first one.  By no means do we want to claim the CoLL as ours alone, therefore we welcome other like-minded blogs to help us create future versions.  Just contact us so we can help coordinate timing so we don't duplicate efforts.  On we go....

Got Boondoggle, a practical shop floor oriented blog, goes into good detail with three posts on how to implement "standard work".  An earlier post talks about one of our favorite subjects, the importance of going to the gemba.  The Gemba Panta Rei blog finds a unique application of lean government in Indonesia, where government officials are actually going to the tsunami devastated fishing villages to ask the villagers what they need.  There are also some notes from a benchmarking trip to Japan, where Eric Sander visited lean companies in a variety of industries.

Learning About Lean has two good posts on coaching.  Mark Graban at the Lean Manufacturing Blog has a two part interview (part 1, part 2) with Jim Womack, author of Lean Solutions.  Jim Womack was also the keynote speaker at the AME Conference last week, and received a rousing reception as detailed at Evolving Excellence

But this was also the week that Jim Womack took quite a bit of flack for his widely-distributed email missive, where he discussed Delphi's supposed Lean successes in light of their recent bankruptcy filing.  Bill Waddell at Evolving Excellence looks at some facts and concludes that Delphi may have some Lean plants, but as a company it really isn't... with management really being the culprit.  The Lean Manufacturing Blog comes to the same conclusion with a follow-on comment about Delphi's "fake lean" that questions the quality metrics that helped some Delphi plants win Shingo Prizes, as does a very hard-hitting post at Gemba Panta Rei. 

My co-author at Evolving Excellence, Bill Waddell, unrelentingly took Delphi to task with a few more posts, all centered around "Looking vs Being Lean", and ending up with an excellent explanation of the problems of the Sloan/DuPont ROI financial model vs the Toyota/Ford (back in the Henry Ford days!) cash model.  Delphi wasn't the only auto company taking some hits... Ford made the news with its crackdown on bathroom breaks, with commentary from the Lean Manufacturing Blog here and Evolving Excellence here.

Breaking away from the manufacturing side of things and moving into leadership, Agile Management has an interesting post on why project estimating is muda, and suggests a method of "agile estimating".  iSixSigma has a lengthy discussion on finding the right change agent.  The National Association of Manufacturers blog has an amusing, well maybe it's really not, post on China's double standard when it comes to intellectual property protection... maybe we should all adopt their Olympic logo?  And they continue their assault on trial lawyers.

The Be Excellent blog has a post on the 10 steps to effective strategy execution, which is critical as we approach the new year.  Business Innovation has an intriguing interview with the CEO of FedEx, where he describes their philosophy of innovation and business excellence.  The Business & Technology Reinvention blog has a post on value creation principles, which are a little different than what those of us in the Lean world may come up with.

Hal Macomber's Reforming Project Management has a post on the fallacies of the pareto principle.  BusinessPundit has a brief discussion of an HBS article on job design.  The Common Sense Guy has a 7 part (and counting!) series on mentoring future leaders... some ideas and suggestions on how to improve the mentoring process.  Curious Cat has a good article on lean information technology... that's one facet of lean that is sometimes ignored.

Clark Ching's blog has a very interesting post on using TOC principles in the hospital surgical setting.  Focused Performance also links to that post, and has another post on how Bayer Diagnostics is using TOC.  IdeaFlow has two articles on learning from failure and creating a culture of business experimentation.  Management Craft has a good article on listening versus talking... something many of us have a problem with.

Most of us have been preaching the virtues of speed... faster faster faster... so here's a different take: there is a blog called Slow Leadership, with a recent post on "Over-worked and Under-concerned."  Something to think about. 

That's a wrap for tonight.  If I've missed any good blogs, be sure to let me know!

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