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Factory Tour of the Week – American Apparel (Sort of…)

Regular readers know that American Apparel is one of my favorite companies.  5,000 people in high cost Los Angeles in high cost California, paid above minimum wage and with benefits, outcompeting overseas sweatshops.  Very efficient by just doing things right, but they don't claim to be "lean" as we know the term.  And the company, and especially the CEO, have some other... uh... "unique" qualities.  You can read about my own visit to the company here.

The following is an "unauthorized" tour of the company by a guy that many of you with the misfortune to have partners who like the mindless reality shows of "Girls Next Door" and "Kendra" may recognize, Johnny Makeup.  Let's just say he's a rather unorthodox tour guide.  Those of you who work in more conservative companies may not want to watch this until you get home.  The tour doesn't show much hard manufacturing meat, but it does give some flavor of the company.


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One Response to "Factory Tour of the Week – American Apparel (Sort of…)"

  • Dick Kusleika
    17 August 2009 - 6:23 pm

    Great company. Unwatchable video.